Poli payments & casino games

One of the most popular online payment methods in the world, New Zealand players can now use the service. Funding online casino accounts for years, Poli is one of the leading names in e-wallet deposit services and highly popular when it comes to depositing at online casinos. Founded in 2006 out of Melbourne, Australia, Poli has become a leading payment method for online gamblers, and it’s not hard to see why. One of the main reasons why New Zealanders love using Poli is the instantaneous transactions, which means that you can deposit and withdraw money as soon as you click the button.

Depositing and withdrawing with Poli is immediate and you don’t have long processing times. Other payment methods can take days for the money to enter your account, but Poli is instant, and that’s an advantage for all involved. Having access to instant payments means that you can play your favourite online casino games without waiting. Should you win any money when playing your favourite games, it can be withdrawn straight back into your e-wallet, which can then be put back into your bank account or credit card. Being able to access funds from your casino account is essential to players in New Zealand. Waiting for your hard-earned money isn’t fun, so Poli takes waiting out of the equation.

Poli disadvantages

It wouldn’t be a fair and accurate guide to Poli if we didn’t discuss the disadvantages. Although Poli is an excellent online payment service, some things could turn Kiwis away. One standout downside is the high fees associated with money coming into your Poli account. It usually charges around 1.9% when you withdraw money from your casino account. Depending on how much you’re withdrawing, that could be a significant cut of your winnings. When comparing it to another e-wallet, such as Skrill, it falls behind in the fees department. Skrill usually takes a maximum of $10 and around 1%, compared to 1.9% from Poli. It’s a much better percentage at Skrill, but Poli is better than PayPal.

Another disadvantage when using Poli is the restriction of sizable withdrawals. It changes depending on how often you use the service, but there can be limits of around $7000 for New Zealanders. It’s not a big issue if you’re only playing at small levels, but being able to withdraw whatever is in your account is always helpful. As an online gambling payment system, Poli is excellent, but as we’ve discussed, withdrawing money comes with high fees and withdrawing restrictions.

Why do many casino players use Poli?

Poli is used in everyday life by many New Zealanders and other people from around the world. Therefore, it’s only natural for people to use it when funding their casino account. The main reason why casino players use Poli is that it’s easy and fast. You don’t want to wait for your casino payments to be processed and Poli’s instant depositing and withdrawing processing times take the hassle away. A Poli payment casino is ideal for a New Zealand player because you can use your existing account. If you don’t already have an account, the signup process takes a matter of minutes, and you can be playing your favourite casino games in no time.

Millions of players from New Zealand use Poli to fund their accounts. Poli casino NZ customers can get straight to the pokies or their favourite online table games. All you need to do is make a payment into your Poli account, deposit at your favourite casino and you’re set to go. Poli payments into casino accounts are one of the most common methods of funding, behind the likes of credit card and debit card payments. Poli is a trusted online e-wallet service, and Kiwis are more than happy to use it.

Advantages of Poli

We have already discussed many advantages of using Poli when playing at an online casino. It’s not only a fast payment method, but it’s also trusted with online players. Poli is a secure payment method, and New Zealand customers don’t have to worry about anything untoward happening. It doesn’t use sensitive data like a bank account, and your transactions are kept within the Poli system and not your banks. One of the problems online casino players face is the gambling transactions on the bank statements. It’s not a good look from the bank’s points of view, so using Poli takes out that risk.

Along with that positive, Poli payments are lightning-fast, and that’s always important for anyone playing at an online casino. Online gambling is all about getting the best deals on offer, and having access to an instantaneous depositing option is a key positive. An online casino Poli NZ user get credit their account in a matter of seconds so that you can unlock your free spins or whatever deal on offer. Kiwis hate waiting for things, so why wait for your online casino account to be funded?

A Poli casino also sends funds back to your e-wallet without processing times. If you withdraw funds using a card or bank transfer, your money has to be processed. However, with Poli, your funds are in your account straight away. It’s a huge positive for using Poli and one of the reasons why so many people from New Zealand use it. Lastly, using Poli is easier than other forms of banking. It’s an easy way to keep track of your money, and every Poli payment shows up in your wallet.

You can also use Poli on your mobile device. Android and iOS users can easily use the service to make deposits and withdrawals. The friendly interface makes online payment a breeze, and there is no registration or signup needed. Unlike other e-wallet options where you need to create an account, Poli doesn’t require any information.

Poli casinos FAQ

Can you use Poli for online casino?

Poli is available at select online casinos. The Poli symbol will be presented if Poli is available, but in most cases, the popular online e-wallet is accepted at online casinos. Players can use their Poli accounts to fund casino accounts.

Can you gamble using Poli?

Yes, you can gamble your money using Poli. It’s an e-wallet that is accepted with many major gambling organisations around the world, including online casinos. A Poli online casino accepts all payments from your e-wallet, and those funds can be used for everything at a casino, including pokies, table games and live casino.

Are Poli deposits instant?

Poli deposits are instant. If you are looking to fund your online casino account, your transaction is processed immediately, and you can play instantly. There are no processing times when using Poli to deposit into an online casino account. Your money appears instantly, and it’s one of the quickest forms of online payment.

Are Poli withdrawals instant?

Yes, withdraws into your Poli account are instant from an online casino. There are no processing times when money leaves your casino account, unlike when you make a withdrawal into your bank account. A Poli casino processes payments immediately and you should expect your money to appear in your Poli wallet instantly.

How do Poli casinos work?

Poli casinos work just like any other casino, except you can fund your account via your Poli e-wallet. Once you have made a deposit, you can start playing at the online casino. Not every casino supports Poli payments, but those that do enable Poli users to fund their accounts.

Are there fees for using Poli?

When withdrawing funds from your casino account to your Poli account, there are fees involved. It’s often around 1.9% of your withdrawal amount, so the fees are higher than some other payment methods. However, Poli is a cheaper option than the likes of PayPal, which can charge around 2.9%. If you need more information about the exact amount it will charge for its service, contact the customer support team.

Is Poli the best option for online casino players?

It’s hard to see whether or not it’s the best, but millions of online casino players fund their accounts using Poli. It’s an easy and fast online payment method, and that’s essential for anyone wanting to play at an online casino. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s firmly in place as one of the best options for casino players.

Is Poli available in New Zealand?

Yes, Poli is available for New Zealand gamblers. Because the company was formed in Australia, that naturally ensures New Zealanders that it can be used. It is commonly used with buying items on the internet, and it’s also available for funding your online casino wallet. Millions of Kiwi players use the e-wallet, and it’s only growing in popularity.

What are the technical requirements to use Poli?

Poli accepts all major browsers so that you can log into your account from the likes of Google Chrome, Windows 10 and mobile platforms. If you want to access it via your mobile, Android and iOS users can fund their online casino accounts.

Do I need to register for Poli?

No, you don’t need to register or signup with Poli to use the service. There is no registration and no passwords to remember. You only need to put in your payment details when using the service, so the casinos know where the money is coming from. It’s one of the most accessible forms of online payment available.

Is Poli approved by my bank?

Poli is not a bank, but it’s backed by Merco Limited in New Zealand. It doesn’t necessarily have relationships with banks.

Who can use Poli?

Anyone who has access to the “one-off payment” functionality offered by a supported online banking facility can use Poli. Please note that your bank might use a different name when taking money from your banks, such as Pay anyone, or Third Party transaction.

How long as Poli been operating in New Zealand?

It has been operating in New Zealand since 2007. The first company to use it was the New Zealand Transport Agency, which offers payments to its customers, and since then, many other NZ organisations have joined. It didn’t take long for New Zealand casinos to add the e-wallet feature.

Is using Poli safe?

Security is a high priority and it does everything in its power to ensure your information is safe. Poli does collect your bank information, but because it’s a one-time transaction, it’s not as privy to your details as other e-wallets.