Our mobile casino guide looks at everything you need to know about playing at an online casino with your phone or tablet. We have gathered a list of casinos, which are the most compatible with the mobile phone, to get the best experience. It is not fun playing at a casino that does not cater fully to mobile players, so we only recommend the absolute best. We also look at the top casino apps, mobile casino bonuses, operating systems, how to play at a casino on your phone, and the best mobile-based games. We endeavour to give New Zealanders the most information about mobile casino gambling as possible. That also includes what mobile devices you can use, deposit bonus deals, free spins and any welcome bonus associated with mobile players.

The Mobile Casino Bonus

Just because you are playing on a mobile device, does not mean that you are not privy to the deposit bonuses. Some online casinos have mobile casino bonuses designed just for mobile players, and you can also cash in on the regular desktop bonuses. Some of the more common mobile casino bonuses include; welcome bonus, free spins, no deposit bonus, and free play. The bonuses mobile players can receive are typically the same as desktop versions, so you are certainly not losing out because you are playing from the comfort of your couch or at work. To unlock a welcome or deposit bonus, you usually need to register with the mobile casino. Even if it is a no deposit bonus, you will still need to put in your details and get signed up.

Getting a mobile casino bonus is easy and it works the same as playing on your desktop computer. Online gambling is quickly moving in the mobile players’ favour and that means excellent bonuses and a wide range of casino games available to play. However, there are less free offers to play on a mobile phone device with no deposit compared to desktop users. To start with a real money balance, you will likely have to deposit, regardless of the mobile version you are using.

Players always want to know if free spins are available for mobile users. It is a tough question to answer because it depends on what the casino is offering. However, in our experiences, most free spins bonuses are only available when using the desktop version. Despite this, you can always sign up to the casino using your desktop and enjoy the free spins when using your phone or tablet. It is an easy way to get around missing out on a potential free spins deal, which is great because they are fun to use. Overall, there are not many negatives when it comes to unlocking a deposit bonus using your phone. Mobile casino NZ players can reap the benefits of these welcome bonus deals and they are only getting more popular with time.

Casino Apps – on which devices can you play?

Knowing what devices, you can play the best casino games on is important. You would not want to sign up for a casino only to find your device is not accepted. Most casinos have all the popular devices covered, which is great news for mobile casino enthusiasts. The two most popular online casino mobile devices are Android and Apple (iPhone/iPad), with most users having access to either device. However, there are newer devices that can be used to play at your favourite online casino.

• Apple

• Android

• Microsoft

• Samsung

• Lenovo

There is not too much difference between them, but some casino software can be blocked when using certain devices. Not every device is accepted at an online casino, so if it does not support Android and you are using a Samsung phone, you will not be able to process the download. It can be frustrating for new players, so knowing what devices you can use is advisable. The software download could either be blocked by the mobile device itself, or the online casino will not want to write software for each operating system. You have two options when it comes to playing at an online casino using your mobile device. You can download the software app provided by the casino, or you can play on your browser.

The mobile casino app is not guaranteed to have the full range of casino games, but it is an easier way to play. Everything runs smoothly with the app and with casino putting a lot of money into the app, it can be worthwhile for new players. However, playing on the browser gives you full access to the casino and the overall casino gaming experience can be better. In some cases, you will not be able to access mobile-specific welcome bonus deals, so both options come with pros and cons. There is also the case of chewing through the data on your phone, so if you are not on unlimited data, you might want to think about downloading the app to play at your favourite mobile casino. If you have a device that is not listed in the accepted mobile devices displayed at the casino, contact the customer support team as they might be able to help you out.

Mobile and Tablet Operating Systems

The world of online casino mobile and tablet operating systems is a complex one. Many Kiwis get frustrated with online casinos not having specific apps for their devices. However, it is not easy for a mobile casino to offer an app for all devices, as they are restricted by the devices themselves. For instance, iPhone and iPads run using the Apple iOS software, which means online casinos must tailor their app for Apple users. Android users would also need a specific app for Android use, which means another app would need to be developed by the online casino. Android runs on almost every other phone except for Apple, which includes Huawei, Sony, HTL, LG and the Google phone.

One way to avoid using an app is to play in the browser, but experiences can differ depending on your coverage. Many New Zealand players prefer using the app as it offers smoother gameplay, but many are still using a browser. Apple users would likely use Safari as a browser, as it works best with iPad and iPhone devices. Android users could use Google Chrome or Internet Explorer. Some players are also using Windows, which is why it is hard for online casinos to develop and maintain applications for each of those platforms. Overall, a mobile casino offers excellent online gambling apps for New Zealand players. If there is not an app available for download, playing on the browser is a good option. However, if an app is available at your favourite mobile casino, give it a try and see how casino gaming feels.

How to play casino on your phone

You have your mobile device and you are ready to play, but how do you proceed? We look at all the steps needed to set up mobile casino gambling on your phone, which is an easy process. The following steps are the recommended process to play in a mobile casino.

• Download the casino on the desktop at home

• Alternatively, register in the browser at home

• Download the app to your phone, tablet, or browser

It is easier to register at the online casino before downloading the app and playing on your phone. Registering on your desktop still allows you to play using your mobile, it just makes the process quicker. Once you have signed up, you can then download the app and you are set to go. Log in, unlock your welcome bonus, and start playing the best casino games available. Another bonus is that you can unlock the welcome bonus associated with desktop users. If you sign up using your mobile, you might not be eligible for all the deposit bonus deals. Often, mobile casino players will not get a no deposit bonus or free spins, which is available for desktop players. Our method means you will be eligible for all bonuses available. Along with the desktop versions of the bonuses, you can also be eligible for any mobile-specific bonuses. You get the best of both worlds and in terms of casino bonuses, this is the method to choose. Not every casino has a mobile bonus, but some can include free spins and other real money deals.

Once you have downloaded the app and you are ready to play, it is just a matter of selecting your favourite game. All the in-game controls are the same and you would touch your screen to enable functions, as opposed to clicking a mouse. Navigating throughout the casino is not as easy as playing on a desktop, but everything is made as easy as possible. Casinos try to limit the number of times you need to click, so browsing the casino is not hard at all. You can also save your favourite games, so you don’t need to go looking for them every time you log in.

How to play casino on your tablet

Playing online casino games on a tablet is increasingly popular. It is a bigger version of a mobile phone, so you are getting enhanced graphics and a much bigger screen to look at. With all the advantages of playing on a tablet, it helps to know how to register with the mobile casino. Much like a mobile phone, follow the steps to get the best experience when using your tablet.

• Log in to the casino via the download or browser and open the casino on your tablet.

There are not too many steps for playing on your tablet. Depending on what operating system you are using, you can download the app from the Apple or Google Store. You can then enter your mobile number and access the download code from there. You can also scan a barcode with your mobile phone and then follow the instructions for installation. It is an easy process and you get all the benefits of playing at the mobile casino but on a bigger screen. Some of the best mobile games are great to play on your tablet, as you do not have to squint as much as playing on your phone.

Mobile Casino Games

Most of the full games lobby is available for mobile casino players. It was not always the case, with mobile players losing out on games that weren’t compatible with phones, but it is rarely the case now. Most of the games available on the desktop version of the casino are available for mobile casino users. All the latest slot titles are available to play, and table games players always have a great selection. If you want to play roulette, blackjack, or any other table game, you can do so on your mobile. The only thing that can come in between a good and bad experience would be a bad internet connection when using a browser. It could cause the game to crash, but these problems are not all too common for mobile players.

New online casinos have particularly good mobile casinos already as well, so with technology continually improving, so is the mobile casino experience. Therefore, it does not matter if you play on PC or a phone, the experience is relatively mirrored, and you are getting a quality casino gaming experience regardless. It pays to know which mobile games are available before you sign up. Not all games are available, so if you are using a mobile device, you might want to check out to see if your favourite games are available. Most of the popular games are optimised for mobile play, but your favourite game might not be one of the newer titles. We would not want you to sign up and realise that you can’t play your favourite game on mobile. There are new software developers that are making games just for mobile players and the results have been brilliant. Playing at a casino on your device is different and these developers understand. The games feature elements that make the experience for mobile players better, including easy click options and improved graphics.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Mobile Gambling?

Mobile gaming is playing at an online casino using your phone or tablet. Much like playing on a desktop, you can use most of the online casino from wherever you want. You can play the best mobile games from the comfort of your home, work, office, or anywhere else in the world. Mobile gaming has increased in popularity and more and more players are ditching their desktops. Slots, table games, live casino, and everything else at an online casino is available for mobile users, which includes iOS and Android devices.

Is mobile gaming safe and trustable?

Yes, there is no difference between playing at an online casino using your desktop or mobile in terms of safety. All the best casinos have quality encryption software, which means your details and money is safe and it is almost impossible to hack. Online casinos take every measure to ensure their customers are safe and players should have trust. Casinos are backed by a gaming authority, which is often based in Malta or Curacao. They ensure that the games are safe, and everything is aboard board.

Are all games available on mobile?

It depends on what online casino you are playing at, but most casinos have the full range of games available for mobile. It can pay to check with your favourite casino before you play, to ensure your desired game is available to play on mobile, but most games are. Some software developers specialise in mobile games, so they are made to be played on handheld devices. There is no quality lost and the best mobile games are a treat to play. You can also play the best real money table and card games. The likes of blackjack, roulette, and baccarat are available for mobile casino players. Mobile casinos have a great live dealer platform as well.

What casino games can I play on mobile?

You can play all the usual casino games on your mobile, which includes table games, live dealer games and slots. Some slot games might be excluded from the list for mobile users, but the majority of them are there.

Can I get a casino bonus using a mobile device?

Yes. If you sign up using your mobile, you may be eligible for a mobile-specific casino bonus. However, if you sign up using a desktop and then play using your mobile, you will be eligible for all the bonuses offered by the mobile casinos. That included deposit bonuses, welcome bonuses and any free spins deals available. You are more than welcome to sign up via your desktop but play all of your online gambling time with your phone.

Can New Zealanders play mobile casino games?

New Zealand players can play at most online casinos. Kiwis have relaxed laws when it comes to online gambling, so mobile casino games are available to play. It does not matter which part of New Zealand you are from, if your internet connection does not keep cutting out, you’ll have an enjoyable experience playing at an online casino on your phone or tablet.

Can I get free spins using a mobile?

It all depends on the casino, but free spins could be offered when using your device. Many free play options are not available on mobile, but you can always sign up using your desktop and enjoy using the free spins on your phone or tablet. It pays to check with the casino as to what deals you can get when using your device.

What is the best device for playing at an online casino?

It all comes down to personal preference. Some people like using Android devices, such as Samsung. However, using an iPhone or iPad is just as popular. Both options often have downloadable applications, which makes it easier to play. If your device does not have an app available to download, you can play using your phone browser.

How do I download online casino apps?

The apps available to download will always be shown at the casino. They are often at the bottom of the page, where you will see the symbol of the device you are using. To download the app, click on the icon and it will take you to a download page. For certain devices, you will have to go to your designated download store, such as the Apple Store. From there, you can search for the casino app and you are almost ready to start playing your favourite casino games.

Is mobile gambling better than desktop?

Mobile gaming is certainly making strides in terms of offering an excellent product. There are still thousands of desktop casino players in New Zealand, but the trend is heading towards the mobile and tablet direction. Kiwis love to gamble outside of their homes, whether it be at the pub or at a friend’s house. Playing on your device allows this to happen and we do not see it stopping any time soon.

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