Because there are so many online casinos that accept credit cards, finding the quality ones can be tough. We have a list where you can choose the best online casinos that offer credit card options. We also look at how to use credit cards at casinos and the advantages and disadvantages. Also featuring in this guide is a step-by-step plan on how to deposit using a credit card. Therefore, if you want to deposit into your online casino account, keep reading and learn all there is to know about online gambling for real money with your credit card.

Pros and Cons of credit card payments

Credit cards are the most commonly used form of payment online. Almost every form of credit card is accepted as a payment method at any online retailer, including online casinos. Mastercard and VISA are the two most popular cards, which also come as debit cards. However, people should know the pros and cons of using an online casino credit card. We have a list of advantages and disadvantages of using a credit card with an online casino.


  • Its widespread use throughout the online world
  • High-security measures used
  • Deposits and withdrawals are possible
  • Payments are quick


  • Using a credit card can result in debt
  • Some credit cards charge monthly or annual fees

In terms of depositing with an online casino, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. Using a credit card is easy, and you don’t have to worry about your favourite casino accepting credit cards as a method of payment. Security is at the forefront of using a credit card, and payment is quick, which is why it’s a preferred option for many New Zealand players.

However, the cons are visible, and they can mount up. Make sure when you’re using a credit card at an online casino, play within your means. Don’t overspend and check what the fees for using your card; they can mount up, and online gambling isn’t nearly as fun when that happens.

How to deposit and withdraw by credit card in the online casino

New Zealanders can deposit and withdraw at most online casinos available to Kiwi players. In New Zealand, VISA and Mastercard are the dominating cashless payment options, and their popularity is only rising. Using a bank account to deposit to your online casino account is a thing of the past, so using credit cards is the easier and more affordable option. Those who appreciate the full world of online gambling know how important credit cards are as payment methods.

Depositing and withdrawing at an online casino is easy, but you need a credit card first. It’s best to find the right credit card for you, as they’re not all the same. Some have different benefits depending on your credit limit, so choose the one that is best for your online gambling endeavours. Don’t worry too much about fees when it comes to a credit card casino. There are usually no extra fees when using your card to deposit at an online casino. Some casinos even have special bonuses and deposit promotions if you use a credit card, so it’s well worth having. To know if a casino has a deposit bonus offer for card users, it pays to check their promotions page. They’re not always well advertised so you could be missing out. See our step-by-step guide further in this article for how to deposit using your credit.

Available providers

VISA and Mastercard aren’t the only two credit card providers available. They are the most commonly accepted by casinos, but the likes of American Express and Diners Club can be accepted. New Zealanders are most familiar with Mastercard and VISA, but it pays to check with the casino about which credit cards are accepted before you deposit. Casinos have an excellent range of payment methods available for customers, and that includes many varieties of credit card.

You can play the best casino games using a wide range of credit cards. American Express and Diners Club cards are on the rise in New Zealand, and they could be accepted payment methods at your favourite casino. If you ever have any questions about what cards are accepted, contact the casino’s customer support team. Depositing is a crucial aspect of enjoying your casino experience, and they like to ensure you’re taken care of. A credit card casino will try its best to cater for all card users, so if you have a card that isn’t listed under the list of the accepted payment methods, give the customer support team a shout.

Instructions for casino credit card deposits

Firstly, if you’re trying to find a casino that accepts VISA or Mastercard payments, you can easily find them in our list. We have featured all the best quality casinos that accept credit card payments, so you don’t have to spend hours finding the right casino. All the casinos are quality tested and depositing using your credit card is not only accepted, but it’s an easy depositing option. To play the best casino games, you firstly need a credit card. You can apply for a credit card at your bank, or you can apply online. Most credit card applications take around 10 minutes to complete, which includes putting in details of your credit history. Following the signup process, it takes around 2-3 days for your credit card to be delivered in the post.

Once you have your credit card, you then must link it to your casino account. All you need to do is log into your account, go to the cashier area and then opt for the option of paying via credit card. You are then asked to put in your card details, including name, the card number, expiry date, CV number, and the provider. The credit card can then be linked to your account, so you can deposit and withdraw with ease. To deposit using your card, you only need to select it a deposit method. You’re then asked to put in the amount you want to deposit as well as the code to confirm the transaction. Once you have used your card once, depositing is a quicker process. You only need a few clicks, and you’re good to play the best casino games. If you want to use a different credit card, you will need to update your details and put in the new cards’ details. You can have multiple cards on your account, but only one will be your preferred option, so select the card you want to use.

Disadvantages of using a credit card at a casino online?

Using a credit card to gamble online is easy, but unlike debit cards, you’re using credit which acts as real money. Debit cards only use money from your bank account, but credit cards are available to use as a credit service, which can come with negative consequences. The main disadvantage of using a credit card at an online casino is depositing more than you can afford. Casinos won’t limit your spending unless you tell them otherwise, so it’s up to you on how much and how often you deposit. You’re essentially taking a loan with interest to play at the casino, so you should be financially able to pay off your credit card without any problems. If controlling your spending hasn’t been easy in the past, we recommend using a different method of payment, such as a bank account or Paysafecard.

Credit cards also come with interest payments. Depending on what card you have, you’ll likely still have to pay interest on your casino deposits. It’s rare for an online casino deposit to be interest-free, unlike purchases from an online store. Therefore, be prepared to pay off the interest as well as your initial deposit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use credit cards for online casino?

Credit cards are available at most online casinos. The credit card symbols will be presented if it’s available, but in most cases, the popular depositing option is accepted at online casinos. Players can use their cards to fund casino accounts.

Can you gamble using credit cards?

Yes, you can gamble your money using credit cards. It’s the most popular option for gamblers online because it’s easy to use and quick.

Are credit card deposits instant?

Credit card deposits are instantaneous. If you are looking to fund your online casino account, your transaction is processed immediately, and you can play instantly. There are no processing times when using a credit card to deposit into a casino account. Your money appears instantly, and it’s one of the quickest forms of online payment in the online casino industry.

Are credit card withdrawals instant?

No. Depending on what credit card provider you’re with, some withdrawals can take a few days to appear on your account.

Are there fees for using a credit card?

Yes, your credit card provider will charge annual or monthly fees for using the card. Apart from fees, you will be charged interest for depositing using your card at an online casino.

Are credit cards the best option for online casino players?

It’s hard to see whether or not it’s the best, but millions of online casino players from New Zealand fund their accounts using credit cards. It’s an easy and fast online payment method, and that’s essential for anyone wanting to play at an online casino. It has its advantages and disadvantages, but it’s firmly in place as one of the best options for casino players.

Are credit cards available in New Zealand?

Yes, credit cards are available for New Zealand gamblers. They are commonly used with buying items on the internet, and it’s also available for funding your online casino account. It’s available with casinos that accept cards as a method of payment. Millions of Kiwi players use them, and it’s only growing in popularity.

Do I need to register for a credit card?

You need to signup for a credit card before depositing. The application process takes around 10 minutes, and if you’re successful, the card gets sent out via post. Once you have your card, you can use it to fund your casino account.

Can you play slots with a credit card?

Yes, you can play any casino game using your credit card, which includes slots (pokies), table games, card games, and live casino games. Some casinos have special deposit bonuses for credit card users, and it often features free spins for the slots.

How to use credit card at casino?

Using a credit card at the online casino is an easy process that involves putting in your card details, entering the amount you want to deposit and then enjoying the games available. Firstly, you need to find a casino that accepts your card and is available for New Zealand players. Once you have found the best casino, select your method of payment to credit card, and you’re set to go.

Can I use more than one credit card?

Yes, you can use as many credit cards as you want. The one you used last will automatically be your preferred card, but you can change it at any time.